21-26 July 2014
Renold Building
Europe/London timezone
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A supersymmetric model for gravity without gravitini

Presented by Dr. Pedro ALVAREZ on 25 Jul 2014 from 15:30 to 15:50
Type: Models of SUSY
Session: Models of SUSY
Track: Models of SUSY


We consider a supersymmetric theory in an arbitrary 2+1 dimensional curved background containing a U(1) and a Dirac spin-1/2 fields. The action is a Chern-Simons form for a connection of the OSp(2|2) group. All the fields (gauge and matter) enter as parts of the connection, that transforms in the adjoint representation of the gauge group. The system is off-shell invariant under supersymmetry. Although the supersymmetry is realized, there is no spin-3/2 gravitino, it is not therefore standard supergravity. The fields do not necessarily form supersymmetric doublets of equal mass, and moreover, fermions may acquire mass through the coupling with geometry, while the bosons -the U(1) field and the spin connection-remain massless. Finally, we present the generalization to four dimensions.


Location: Renold
Room: D2

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