21-26 July 2014
Renold Building
Europe/London timezone
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One-loop corrections to gaugino (co-)annihilation into quarks in the MSSM

Presented by Björn HERRMANN on 24 Jul 2014 from 15:00 to 15:15
Type: Particle Cosmology
Track: Particle Cosmology


I will present the full one-loop supersymmetric QCD corrections for gaugino annihilation and co-annihilation into light and heavy quarks in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). I will show that these channels are phenomenologically relevant within the so-called phenomenological MSSM. Numerical results for the (co-)annihilation cross sections and the predicted neutralino relic density are presented. I will in particular show that the impact of including the radiative corrections on the cosmologically preferred region of the parameter space is larger than the current experimental uncertainty from Planck data. The presentation will include a few technical details as well as a discussion of the theoretical uncertainty due to scale variation in the calculation. Reference: arXiv:1404.2931 [hep-ph]


Location: Renold
Room: F14

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