1-5 July 2019
The University of Manchester
Europe/London timezone
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Dark matter from a vector field in the fundamental representation of SU(2)L

Presented by Dr. Felipe ROJAS ABATTE on 1 Jul 2019 from 14:50 to 15:10
Type: oral presentation
Track: Collider Probes of New Physics


We explore an extension to the Standard Model which incorporates a vector field in the fundamental representation of SU(2)L as the only nonstandard degree of freedom. We study the model in which a Z2 symmetry is manifest, making the neutral CP-even component of the new vector field a vectorial dark matter candidate. We constraint the parameter space through LEP and LHC data, as well as from current dark matter searches. We find that the model is highly constrained but a small region of the parameter space can provide a viable DM candidate. On the other hand, unitarity demands an UV completion at an scale below 10 TeV. Finally we contrast our predictions on mono-jet, -Z, -Higgs production with the ones obtained in the inert two Higgs doublet model.


Location: Schuster
Room: Blackett Lecture Theatre

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