1-5 July 2019
The University of Manchester
Europe/London timezone
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Lattice simulations of the geometrical destabilization of inflation

Presented by Michal WIECZOREK on 1 Jul 2019 from 17:00 to 17:20
Type: oral presentation
Track: Cosmological Probes


Based on numerical lattice simulations, I discuss the impact of the geometrical destabilization of inflation on the inflationary trajectory and show, that it can significantly change the inflationary predictions. Geometrical destabilization is a phenomenon in which the non-inflationary degrees of freedom are destabilized due to negative curvature of the fields space manifold affecting the evolution of the inflaton condensate. Previous analyses of geometrical destabilization relied on linear perturbation theory and did not include backreaction in a consistent way. My results are the first step towards better understanding of this phenomenon and show that it can cause the second prolonged period of inflation.