21-26 July 2014
Renold Building
Europe/London timezone
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Algebroids, Heterotic Moduli Spaces and the Strominger System

Presented by Prof. James GRAY on 22 Jul 2014 from 17:10 to 17:30
Type: Formal SUSY and Strings
Track: Formal SUSY and Strings


We study compactifications of heterotic string theory on manifolds satisfying the ddbar-lemma. We consider the Strominger system description of the low energy supergravity to first order in alpha' and show that the moduli of such compactifications are subspaces of familiar cohomology groups such as H^1(TX), H^1(TX*), H^1(End_0(V)) and H^1(End_0(TX)). These groups encode the complex structure, Kahler moduli, bundle moduli and perturbations of the spin connection respectively in the case of a Calabi-Yau compactification.The structure we present can be interpreted in terms of recent work in Atiyah and Courant algebroids, and we conjecture links with aspects of Hitchin's generalized geometry to heterotic moduli.


Location: Renold
Room: E1

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