LIDINE 2019: LIght Detection in Noble Elements

from to (Europe/London)
at University of Manchester
LIDINE 2019: LIght Detection In Noble Elements

The objective of the LIDINE conference series is to promote discussion between members of the particle and nuclear physics community about detector technologies based on noble elements and their applications in: dark matter searches, neutrino oscillation measurements, detection of supernova neutrinos, coherent neutrino scattering measurements, neutrinoless double-beta decay searches, neutron EDM experiments, and in medical physics.

The conference will be held in Manchester, from Aug 28th to 30th 2019.
The venue is the Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Lecture Theatre in the School of Physics and Astronomy Schuster Building.

The deadline for abstract submission was July 15th, 2019, and is now passed. 
We may be able to accept a few more contributions - please email: if you would like to submit an abstract after the deadline.

Registration is open.

Contributions will be divided into tracks:

-- Light/charge response in Noble Elements (gas, liquid, dual phase) 	
-- Light/charge readout (PMTs, SiPM, WLS, electronics, etc.) 	
-- Detector techniques (HV, cryogenics, purification, calibration, etc.) 	
-- Signal reconstruction and identification (analysis methods, simulations) 	
-- Applications (dark matter, neutrino, precision frontier, medicine, etc.) 	
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