LIDINE 2019: LIght Detection in Noble Elements
from Wednesday, 28 August 2019 (08:00) to Friday, 30 August 2019 (18:00)

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Friday, 30 August 2019
09:00  Welcome and local information - Andrzej Szelc (University of Manchester)  
Light/charge response - Nicola Canci (University of Houston/INFN-LNGS) (until 10:45) ()
09:15  Fast component re-emission in Xe-doped liquid argon. - Dmitry Rudik (ITEP)  
09:30  Effect of an Electric Field on Liquid Helium Scintillation - Nguyen Phan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  
09:45  Electroluminescence Yield in Low-diffusion Xe-He Gas Mixtures - Fernandes Luis (LIBPhys, Physics Department, University of Coimbra, Rua Larga, Coimbra, 3004-516, Portugal)  
10:00  Measurement of the scintillation and ionization response of liquid xenon at MeV energies in the EXO-200 experiment - Shilo Xia (Yale University)  
10:15  A Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter with Krypton filling - Rui Mano (University of Coimbra)  
10:30  Study of luminescence mechanism by neutral bremsstrahlung in gaseous argon. - Tomomasa Takeda (Waseda University)  
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Light/charge response - Laura Paulucci (UFABC) Laura Paulucci (UFABC) (until 12:15)
11:15  Measurement of liquid argon scintillation and ionization response on nuclear recoils under electric fields up to 3 kV/cm - Masato Kimura (Waseda University)  
11:30  The propagation of scintillation light in Liquid Argon - Umut Kose (CERN)  
11:45  Analysis of the light production and propagation in the 4 tonne dual-phase demonstrator - Chiara Lastoria (CIEMAT)  
12:00  Surface background rejection techinque for liquid argon dark matter detectors using a thin scintillating layer - David Gallacher (Carleton University)  
12:15 --- Lunch ---
Light/charge readout - Paolo Agnes (Houston/Royal Holloway) (until 10:45)
09:00  Characterisation and tests of the ABALONE photosensor - Jörn Mahlstedt (Stockholm University) Sze Chun Yiu (Stockholm University) Alfredo Ferella (Stockholm University and University of L'Aquila)  
09:15  Ion transport model for large LArTPC - Xiao Luo (UCSB)  
09:30  Single photon rate observation and first calorimetric energy reconstruction of beam events from LAr scintillation light in protoDUNE-SP. - Dante Totani (University of L'Aquila (Italy))  
09:45  The Light Only Liquid Xenon experiment: Physics goals and analog electronics - Austin de St. Croix (TRIUMF/UBC)  
10:00  First dual-phase xenon TPC with SiPM readout and its ultra-low energy calibration with 37-Ar - Kevin Thieme (University of Zurich)  
10:15  Light and charge readout for the DARWIN project - Alfredo Ferella (Stockholm University and University of L'Aquila)  
10:30  Light detection in DarkSide-20k - Francesca Carnesecchi (INFN and University of Bologna, Centro Fermi Roma)  
10:45 --- Conference Photo ---
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Light/charge readout - Neus Lopez March (IFIC (Universitat de Valencia - CSIC)) (until 13:00)
11:15  Wavelength-Shifting Reflective Foil System in SBND - Vincent Basque (University of Manchester)  
11:30  Polyethylene naphthalate film as a wavelength shifter in liquid argon detectors - Marcin Kuzniak (Astrocent, CAMK PAN)  
11:45  The single-photon response of photomultiplier tubes to xenon luminescence - Brais López Paredes (Imperial College London)  
12:00  Tetraphenyl Butadiene Emanation and Bulk Fluorescence from Wavelength Shifting Coatings in Liquid Argon - Jonathan Asaadi (University of Texas at Arlington)  
12:15  Photoluminescence response of acrylic (PMMA) and teflon (PTFE) to ultraviolet light. - Gabriela R. Araujo (Technical University of Munich)  
12:30  Study and characterization of WLS for ARAPUCA to DUNE experiment - Maria Cecilia Queiroga Bazetto (CTI Renato Archer)  
12:45  Bubble-assisted Liquid Hole Multipliers in LXe and LAr: towards “local dual-phase TPCs” - Eran Erdal (Physics Faculty, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel)  
Signal reconstruction - Lucie Tvrznikova (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) (until 10:45)
09:00  A complete simulation of the X-ARAPUCA device for detection of scintillation photons - Laura Paulucci (UFABC)  
09:15  Position reconstruction using photon timing for the DEAP-3600 dark matter experiment - Yu Chen (University of Alberta)  
09:30  Calorimetry for low-energy electrons using charge and light in the LArIAT liquid argon TPC - William Foreman (Illinois Institute of Technology)  
09:45  Optical Properties of Liquid Argon measured by the PDS in ProtoDUNE-SP - Bryan Ramson (Fermilab)  
10:00  The Energy Linearity and Resolution Performance of the XENON1T two-phase Xenon Time Projection Chamber in the KeV to MeV Range - Fei Gao (Columbia University)  
10:15  Scintillation light response, reconstruction, and calibration in MicroBooNE with four years of data - Patrick Green (Mr)  
10:30  Use of scintillation light to identify neutrino interactions in MicroBooNE - David Caratelli (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)  
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Signal reconstruction (until 12:00)
11:15  Simulation of the argon response and light detection in a dual-phase TPC - Paolo Agnes (Houston/Royal Holloway)  
11:30  A semi-analytic method to predict the light signals in liquid argon detectors - Diego Garcia-Gamez (The University of Granada)  
11:45  Noble Element Simulation Technique v.2.0 - Ekaterina Kozlova (ITEP/MEPhI)  
Applications - Andrew Erlandson (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.) (until 13:00)
12:00  A Xenon Detector for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment - Henrique Araujo (Imperial College London)  
12:20  DArT, a detector for measuring the 39Ar depletion factor - Edgar Sanchez Garcia (CIEMAT)  
12:40  The SBND Photon Detection System - Nicola McConkey (University of Manchester)  
Review talks - Roberto Santorelli (CIEMAT Madrid) (until 15:15)
13:45  Dark matter overview - Marcin Kuzniak (Astrocent, CAMK PAN)  
14:30  Neutrino overview - Alex Himmel (FNAL)  
Light/charge response - Roberto Santorelli (CIEMAT Madrid) (until 15:30)
15:15  The NEXT-DEMO++ detector: R&D for low diffusion mixtures - Neus Lopez March (IFIC (Universitat de Valencia - CSIC))  
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Light/charge readout - Bryan Ramson (Fermilab) (until 16:40)
16:00  Developments in PMT and MPPC/SiPM technologies for light detection in noble elements. - Daniel Spring (Hamamatsu)  
16:20  FBK Silicon photomultipliers for liquid noble gases cryogenic operation - Massimo Capasso (FBK)  
Light/charge readout - Bryan Ramson (Fermilab) (until 17:40)
16:40  Integrated front-end electronics for single photon counting in cryogenic dark matter detectors - Ramshan Kugathasan (INFN Torino)  
16:55  Development of SiPM photosensor and frontend readout for nEXO - Liang Yang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  
17:10  CMOS based SPAD Arrays for the Detection of Rare Photon Events at Cold Temperatures - Michael Keller (Heidelberg University)  
17:25  X-ARAPUCA @ UNICAMP - Ettore Segreto (UNICAMP)  
18:00  Welcome Reception  
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Detector techniques - Diego Garcia-Gamez (The University of Granada) (until 15:30)
14:00  Long term operation with the DarkSide-50 Detector - Nicola Canci (University of Houston/INFN-LNGS)  
14:15  ARIADNE: A novel optical readout approach for two-phase liquid argon TPCs - Adam Roberts (University of Liverpool)  
14:30  QPix Technology: Research and Development towards kiloTon scale pixelated LArTPC - Jonathan Asaadi (University of Texas at Arlington)  
14:45  An overview of the optics and energy reconstruction in DEAP-3600 - Andrew Erlandson (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.)  
15:00  AVOLAR. A high voltage generator for liquid argon time projection chambers. - Luciano Romero (CIEMAT)  
15:15  Light detection system in protoDUNE dual phase detector - laura zambelli (LAPP CNRS/IN2P3)  
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
Detector techniques - David Caratelli (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) (until 17:00)
16:00  Injection and removal of the calibration isotope 37Ar in the XENON1T detector - Matteo Alfonsi (J.G. Universitaet Mainz)  
16:15  R&D toward next-generation liquid xenon experiments - Lucie Tvrznikova (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  
16:30  High pressure xenon electroluminescent TPC for the NEXT experiment and its future developments - Ryan Felkai (IFIC)  
16:45  Purity Monitors in protoDUNE Dual-Phase - Laura Manenti (NYUAD)  
Discussion Session - Xiao Luo (UCSB) (until 18:30)
Discussion Session - Davide Franco (APC) (until 18:30)
Discussion Session - Alfredo Ferella (Stockholm University and University of L'Aquila) (until 18:30)
Discussion Session - Henrique Araujo (Imperial College London) (until 18:30)
19:00  Workshop dinner  
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Applications - laura zambelli (LAPP CNRS/IN2P3) (until 15:00)
14:00  Photon Detection System for ProtoDUNE Single Phase - Christopher Macias (Indiana University)  
14:20  The COHERENT experiment and status of the CENNS-10 liquid argon detector. - Dmitry Rudik (ITEP)  
14:40  ALARM: A mini Liquid Argon Radiation Monitor - Andrew Erlandson (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.)  
15:00  Deep Science at Boulby Underground Laboratory: Ultra-low background science and science support capabilities at the UK’s deep underground science facility - Sean Paling (STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory)  
15:20  FERS: a distributed and scalable Front-End Readout System for large detector arrays. - Andrea Abba (CAEN)  
15:40  Discussion session summaries - David Gallacher (Carleton University) Marina Reggiani Guzzo (University of Manchester) Ryan Felkai (IFIC) Ishan Khurana (UCL)  
15:50  Closing remarks - Andrzej Szelc (University of Manchester)