Manchester Particle Physics Seminars, Colloquia and Meetings

Tomasz Szumlak: Those restless, ever-growing particle fluences

Friday, 1 March 2019 from to (Europe/London)
at Schuster ( 54-6-6.40 - Niels Bohr Common Room )
We are on the verge of LHC experiments upgrades and the new machines are
just past the corner (e.g. FCC - Future Circular Collider). This put enormous stress on
the technological advancements
regarding especially design and construction of precise particle tracking detectors.
The new systems must survive extreme hadronic fluences of up to 2x10^16 n_eq cm^{-2}
and 7x10^17 n_eq cm^{-2} for HL-LHC and FCC respectively.
In my talk I provide some insights regarding various silicon technologies approved
for HL-LHC (High Luminosity LHC) upgrade by ATLAS and CMS experiments. I will
discuss important role of simulation tools for both particle fluences and device
simulation and various techniques of new silicon structures characterisation. It seems
that TCT (Transient Current Technique) measurement methodology, both using single
and two photon approach, will play a critical role in testing the physical properties
of the perspective  devices. I also discuss a possible collaboration plans between
Manchester and  AGH Krakow groups.