Solid State Detector meeting, 26.9.2018

Participants: Alice, Stefano, Quake, Alex, Marco


Alice, presentation of Mphys project ( see slides )

Round table:

Quake: measurements of latest half ring prototypes, ITK endcaps. 20% better then target. thermal cycling on half ring. still working on upgrades to the setup.

Stefano: electrical prototype in cleanroom, half of chips working, big step! build one more mechanical prototype. needs to revisit wire bonding chips to flex. build two more electrical modules, to get to production quality. start production probably in november.

Moving stuff out of the clean room, tank is gone. clean room inventory to see what can go.  start moving thursday or friday this week.


What happened to lab space in the ground floor?

Swap disk production and evaporator?

AI: clean room progress discussion in two weeks.


3D Diamond testbeam ongoing at CERN. Plan to test FE-I4, 50x50um cell size sample and in October pre-irradiated sample. Visited Christies last week, planned collaboration on dosimetry as part of Alice PhD thesis.


Mphys student for new lab experiment (with Alex) working on alibava system.

AI: clarify peters involvement in RD50 AND TPA.