Manchester Particle Physics Seminars, Colloquia and Meetings

Nasim Fatemighomi: DEAP-3600

Friday, 25 May 2018 from to (Europe/London)
at Schuster ( 54-6-6.40 - Niels Bohr Common Room )
Numerous cosmological observations indicate that 84.5% of matter in the universe does not interact electromagnetically and therefore is known as dark matter. The most favourable dark matter candidates, which are predicted by models for physics beyond the standard model, are weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). Direct detection experiments aim to detect the scattering interaction between WIMPs and detector target nuclei.  DEAP-3600 is a single phase liquid argon (LAr) dark matter experiment, located 2 km underground at SNOLAB, in Sudbury, Ontario. LAr scintillation has a powerful pulse shape discrimination (PSD) property allowing efficient identification of nuclear recoils in the presence of electron recoil background. DEAP-3600 with  its 1 tonne fiducial mass is the largest LAr dark matter detector which is currently taking data. In this talk I will present the recent results from this experiment and will give a hint of other exotic physics which can be probed with DEAP-3600.