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DIVISIONAL SEMINAR -- David Sharp: Constraining nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double beta decay

Friday, 1 May 2020 from to (Europe/London)
at Zoom Only ( 304-578-256 )
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Description Please note, the seminar will be held via Zoom Connections will begin at 12:30 with the seminar beginning at 13:00.

If observed, neutrinoless double beta decay (0ν2β) will provide fundamental information on the nature of the neutrino. It will provide evidence for the Majorana nature of the neutrino as well as providing access to the absolute neutrino mass scale. However, any extraction of the neutrino mass from the 0ν2β decay rate is dependent on calculations of the nuclear matrix element (NME). There are several theoretical frameworks used to calculate the nuclear matrix elements including, but not limited to, the quasi-random phase approximation, the shell model and the interacting boson model. Currently the calculations agree to within a factor of 2-3 for any one candidate for the decay, impacting on the validity of any extracted neutrino mass.
Nuclear structure information, such as the changes in the ground-state nucleon occupancies between parent and daughter nuclei or the pairing properties of the candidate nuclei, can provide information against which the NME calculations can be benchmarked or constrained and thus improved. This talk will give an overview of a campaign of measurements aimed at extracting these nuclear structure properties, using a class of probe known as transfer reactions.