1-5 July 2019
Europe/London timezone

XXV International Symposium
PASCOS 2019 Web page

PASCOS 2019 aims to review and discuss recent progress in particle physics, string theory and cosmology, bringing together researchers to report and discuss what has been learnt and what might show up in the next few years. Topics will include new physics at LHC, gravitational waves, neutrinos and flavour physics, string theory and new results in cosmology.

This edition of PASCOS will take place at the University of Manchester from 1 to 5 July 2019, and will be the 25th conference in this series. The conference includes invited plenary talks as well as parallel sessions. We particularly welcome and encourage the participation of younger researchers.

Starts 1 Jul 2019 08:00
Ends 5 Jul 2019 19:00
The University of Manchester
Local Organising Committee
  • Apostolos Pilaftsis, Chair (Manchester)
  • Fedor Bezrukov (Manchester)
  • Steve Abel (IPPP, Durham)
  • Richard Battye (Manchester)
  • Jens Chluba (Manchester)
  • Alon Faraggi (Liverpool)
  • Valya Khoze (IPPP, Durham)
  • Yvonne Peters (Manchester)
  • Darren Price (Manchester)
  • Stefan Söldner–Rembold (Manchester)
  • Catherine Duffy (Manchester)
  • Sabah Salih (Manchester)
International Advisory Committee
  • J. Bagger (TRIUMF, Canada)
  • W. Buchmuller (DESY, Germany)
  • A. Casas (IFT-Madrid, Spain)
  • M. J. Duff (Imperial Coll., London, England)
  • P. Fileviez Perez (Case Western Reserve, USA)
  • P. Frampton (University of Salento, Italy)
  • J. Gunion (UC-Davis, USA)
  • B. Grzadkowski (Warsaw Univ., Poland)
  • J. E. Kim (Seoul National Univ., Korea)
  • O. Kong (National Central Univ., Taiwan)
  • M. Mondragon (UNAM, Mexico)
  • R.C. Myers (Perimeter Institute, Canada)
  • P. Nath (Northeastern Univ., USA)
  • F. Quevedo (Cambridge U., England; ICTP, Italy)
  • S. Raby (Ohio State University, USA)
  • P. Shellard (Cambridge U., DAMTP, England)
  • J. Silk (University of Oxford, England)
  • G. Starkman (Case Western Reserve, USA)
  • J. Tran Thanh Van (Orsay, LPT, France)
  • J. W. F. Valle (IFIC-Valencia, Spain)
  • M. Vaughn (Northeastern Univ., USA)
  • K. C. Wali (Syracuse Univ., USA)