Manchester Particle Physics Seminars, Colloquia and Meetings

Darren Price - Measuring the invisible: new approaches to dark matter searches at colliders

by Dr. Darren Price (University of Manchester)

Friday, 24 November 2017 from to (Europe/London)
at Schuster ( 54-6-6.40 - Niels Bohr Common Room )
One of the most exciting topics at the frontier of high energy
particle physics and cosmology is understanding the nature of dark
matter. Observing its production and measuring its properties in
high-energy particle collisions is a topic of high priority at the
Large Hadron Collider. Many searches have already been undertaken and
are ongoing, but have not yet observed dark matter. I will discuss the
motivations for a new approach to searching for such invisible
phenomena at the LHC. I will present the first results of such a
measurement from the ATLAS experiment, placing them in context with
existing approaches, discuss their implications, and give my
perspective on the future of this measurement programme.